Sunday, October 31, 2010

n 4 s

Now, for the obligatory Naked for Satan post.

On the day I finally got to try Naked for Satan I was disgustingly hung over after partying with my Mother until the early hours of the morning. So I’m not sure if it was my under the weatherdness or the fact that I’m not really into cheese but I just didn’t really enjoy the pintxos. I think I’d prefer them if they had less spread/cheese and more fresh ingredients. I’m sure they would hit the spot on a big night out though.

I did quite like that eggplant pintxos in the forefront of that picture. And really at $2 (or 50 cents at lunch time) a pop then if you can just grab another one that you might like more.

I really love the fit out of this place and I can’t wait to go back and try some of their vodkas. Violet infused vodka? Yes please! The beer was pretty nice too.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

two dollar

A lot of people harbour a huge amount of hate for Chapel St. I like one part for various reasons and that is the section around Greville Street, as shown on the map below.

You’ve got Fat where I like to buy things, Revolver where I met my boyfriend (seriously, who does that?) and all the really great $2 dollar shops where I could spend hours (or minutes) buying something for myself. These oven mittens are my latest acquisition.

And to tell you the truth the dress I’m wearing in that photo is sQ which I bought at that Fat store.

I used my mittens to get this quiche out of the oven!

It's just a Quiche Lorraine but with some zucchini which I guess means it isn't a quiche lorraine anymore. I think the zucchini makes it a tiny bit healhier. Maybe.

Friday, October 15, 2010

friends of mine ain't no friend of mine

We burst out of our St Kilda bubble and headed to Friends of Mine in Richmond for some brunch on Saturday. I’d heard on the tomato vine that there was a bloody mary on the menu that comes with a vodka filled water pistol so you can put your own ‘shot’ in your drink. Unfortunately as it was so busy they had stopped taking food orders and even though we were promised drinks no one came to get our order for 25 minutes. So we left and now I still don’t know if the water pistol was fact or fiction.

So with our hungry tummies we hopped back in the car and headed back to the bubble and to Miss Jackson for some tasty food and friendly service.

Eggses, bacon and sweet, sweet tomatoes on sourdough for the both of us. I had to take a few bites before I could get the camera out.

And a fairly nice bloody mary or two.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

tea and toast and flanny

Toast first.

Eggs with their heads cut off is a comfort meal to me. My mother made these for me when I was little and then when I was in year 12 doing exams. She’d stand, knife poised to shell and say “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” They work well for hangovers too and winter lunches. I love eggs and vegemite and if I’d had an avocado around I would have smeared my toast with that too.

Tea next.

I bought this tea from the tea shop, Kusmi, in the Marais in Paris. It’s Chinese black tea flavoured with violet flowers. I think I would have liked the tea to have more of a violet taste but I’m not sure, maybe it’s best I don’t feel like I’m drinking from a vase. It’s nice with a little bit of sugar.

My father bought me this desktop teapot from Zero Japan. It was either a really lovely gift or he’d like me chained to my desk more.
Whatever his motives, it works.

And Flanny

I bought this flanny 3 years ago from the Safeway just off Chapel. It's oversized, soft from so much washing and worn way too much. Especially when I'm eating toast and drinking tea.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Just when you think it’s safe to start packing away your coats and bringing out your summer frocks Melbourne becomes a soggy, cold mess. So, I thought I’d Winterfy my outfit from Monday. Everything stays the same except I’ve added my beloved black tights, Witner boots and my grandmother’s Arctic Fox vest.

This vest was a jacket but due to the humidity on the Gold Coast it had to move down to Melbourne and go to furrier for a makeover.

The guys at Linda Black (the furrier) are hilarious and clever. I’m told it was made in Melbourne in the 60s by Lisal. That’s my grandmother’s initials B.S. on the inner pockets.

I just realised that I could rival the Jerseylicious clan by my use of two animal prints. Watch out Olivia!

Monday, October 11, 2010


So over the last few weeks it dawned on me that it’s time to say good bye to tights and say hello to bare legs. My legs are probably the whitest pins you’ve ever seen. Seriously.

I told you! It’s like they should hiss upon seeing the sunlight. Hopefully my new Secret Squirrel top that I’m wearing here will help detract from them a bit. I was lucky enough to pick this up on sale, the print is called Snow Leopard, I like that. I also like the tiered sleeves.

I leave for Thailand in a few weeks so I have been prepping for hard days reading books by the beach. And eating tropical fruit. Can you tell which pineapple is the imposter?

the essence

Slapped on the streets of St Kilda are entries from the 2010 Essence of St Kilda Word and Photo Prizes. I’d love to know how many there are in total so I can wander around and look at them all. One that caught my eye was this one below.

I took this picture the other morning when in rockstar fashion I came home at daybreak. KIDDING! I was getting up to go to Sydney for the day.

If I was a rockstar I’d play the tambourine like Joel Gion from Brian Jonestown Massacre. You can watch him in the documentary Dig! the story of The Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre.

“Going up. Top floor. Pantyhose. Illegal drugs and cigarettes.”

Sunday, October 3, 2010

chicken = good

It’s chicken sandwich time of year again with Grand Finals and Spring Racing fast approaching. I know I'm not reinventing the wheel but I think my mix is the shiznit.

Step 1 Poached chicken breasts with an onion, bay leaf and peppercorns, once the chicken is cooked drain and leave it to cool.

Step 2 Chop chives, spring onion, celery and chicken and mix together.

Step 3 Combine it all with some good quality whole egg mayo and season with salt and pepper.

chicken sandwich assembly line

Step 4 Spread the mix onto a slice of wholemeal or white bread and cover with another slice making a sandwich. There’s no point being stingy with the mix.

Step 5 Cut off the crusts and then cut them into triangles or fingers.

Step 6 Stuff!

On Grand Final Day Take 2 (GO PIES!) I made wholemeal and white bread fingers. This is the plate underneath them in case you are wondering. It came from Fat.

On Grand Final Day Take 1, I made some Collingwood and St Kilda themed cupcakes.