Sunday, November 28, 2010

bloody mary ka

Don’t for a second think that when I was in Thailand I didn’t hunt for great Bloody Marys. I was actually really impressed and I think it was all to do with the tomato juice. It was really light, almost watery which made it so much more refreshing than those that are made with thick, stodgy juice. It also means that I can drink more than 2 in one sitting. The fact that I’m also paying approximately $3 is also very appealing.

This was an exceptionally good one at a place in Koh Phangan. I really hate how my hair dries naturally and having a fringe in a hot/humid environment is the absolute pits.

You can also spice things up yourself.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

do you like kabana?

I’m meeting up with some of my favourite girls tonight for wine and decided I would bring the snacks. In no way does this very Australian dish have anything to do with that rubbishy cricket nonsense being on TV.

This is me in my new Shakuhachi top and you can just see my pretty pink apron. I always wear it in the kitchen. It was gifted to me after a two week stint of looking after a very angry and demanding rabbit named Igby Binks. And yes, that is Kabana.

Behold our nibblies, you just know that we’ll be tucking into this with some Jatz. I’m a bit confused about the difference between pickles, gherkins, cornichons etc. and I hope they all taste the same because I chose to use gherkins. When I first moved to Melbourne my friend Frances and I liked to order this plate from Sister Bellas on a Friday night.

It is nice to be back in Melbourne (although I would much rather to be lazing on Had Yao with a good book and some SPF 2+). This is one of my favourite buildings and it’s also in that certain area of Chapel St I talked about here.

It’s also nice to be back with the kittens. I've shown them some pictures of Thai kittens and told them that if their behaviour doesn't improve they'll be shipped off.

And back to my 1st world problems like how to get my filthy paws on this perfect Alice McCall blouse.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

bang bang bangkok

Bangkok would have to be my second favourite big city in the world, Rome being the first. The two are quite different aren’t they! Bangkok is a debaucherous city with mischief lurking on every corner. I love the pace and the whole late to bed, late to rise aspect of living (for some).

The street food is my favourite.

I’m not much of a beer drinker in Australia but do enjoy Leo in Thailand. It’s just like water and definitely my preference of Singha. Although if there is a Beer Lao on the menu I'm ordering it. The makeshift bars along Ram Buttri Rd are my favourite places to drink. I prefer to skip the whole roof top bar thing. I think there’s a time for places like that and at 27 now is not the time. Peter Pan Syndrome maybe? Check out my new ring as well.

I also added a couple of salt and pepper elephants to my menagerie at home.

Food, drink and lots of shopping. It doesn’t get much better except that it can also be very pretty.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

presents my precious

I love giving and getting presents. I love the feeling of picking the absolute perfect present for someone. The celebration of my birth is almost upon us and because I’m off to Thailand I’ve received a few of them early.

Karen Walker Agent sunnies from Chris. This is a happy dance, I've wanted them for so long.

My friend Lulu gave me this book How To Be An Explorer Of The World. It is brilliant and I love the main idea of this book – Everything is interesting.

I’m going to try and do a new experiment every day. And if anyone asks me what the hell I’m doing I’m going to answer “I’m conducting an experiment.”

I’ve also been a bit of a giver lately too. I bought these chocolates for Chris for Halloween.

Each chocolate was wrapped separately and the extreme cuteness of each was intolerable.