Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the wonders of shirts

I often feel quite sorry for my boyfriend. The other evening we were sitting at Golden Fields, munching on genius lobster rolls and sipping on St Kilda Slings and I told him nothing makes me happier than a good shirt.

Happiness inducing shirts usually follow simple guidelines, however, these are subject to change at any time:

  • Made of silk but are not transparent
  • Buttons that go all the way to the top
  • Collars although this is not mandatory
  • Come in a multitude of colours (like black) or prints
These are three of my favourite shirts, just whack on a leather mini and I'm halfway out the door and down the street:

Lonely Hearts & Nicholas Ruby Choker

Nicholas & Estelle Deve necklace

Acne Snake Skin shirt

Let me tell you why shirts also get another tick from me - You can eat a three course meal with wines to match and everything still looks how it should at the end! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

woods of windsor

I know a place where lovers go, to cry their troubles away.. it's the Woods of Windsor and it's not just for tears but for cocktails too. However, it would be perfect to lament a break up or job loss in the depths of the bar.

There's multiple drink menus covering wine, beer etc. and for those whiskey lovers out there (I'm one, I've been sippin' on this juice since I was a wee kid making them for my father - Hi Dad!) there's an extensive menu to select from. The food is perfect for whiling the night away cocktailing with friends or lovers.

It's a great departure from the other bars along Chapel St with wonderful, mutant taxidermy and careful attention to detail like deodorant in the bathrooms and fancy swizzle sticks.

The signature cocktail list is something of wonder and would require me to plonk myself on a stool for a day or two to try. At the moment I have just one cocktail on my mind and that is the ever pretty, luminescent Amaretto Sour.

In case you are wondering, "What does one wear to the Woods?" Match your outfit to your cocktail, don't be afraid it's only natural when cocktails are just so pretty.

You too can play at home with:

Nicholas 'Lucinda Top' with Ruby Choker
45ml of amaretto
30ml lemon juice
dash of bitters (Angostura or orange bitters work well)

or head to Woods of Windsor, 108 Chapel St, Windsor.