Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the fitz is not the pits

I realised last night that I’d tried 5 different Bloody Marys in the space of a week. From Fitzroy to Balaclava with the final three located within a very close proximity to my place in St Kilda. I decided I should put this quest to find perfection down on paper and perhaps share some of what happens along the way. So I bring you... the adventures of Bloody Mary Girl!

First stop... The Fitz in Fitzroy. This Bloody Mary went down a treat. On a good day it probably wouldn't be spicy enough for my taste but after burning the absolute crap out of my mouth the previous night on some baked beans the lack of spice was great. What I loved about this drink was the length
of celery in it. It was perfect on nibbling on before my breakfast came. My BLT did not stack up against what Manna and Tickle ordered - Flamingo Bake - a delicious little pan of baked eggs kind of like an Israeli Shakshuka.

We spent the next half of the day showing my friend Tickle around the area. We ate Cannoli on Smith Street and bought this little guy for my window sill. He has a lovely face and I’m leaning towards calling him Owlbert (my window is filthy as I’m not allowed to climb up on the sink to reach around and clean it).