Friday, February 3, 2012

when chicken sandwiches attack

Stack one piece of bread on top of the other with chicken mix in the middle and you should get a good chicken sammich? Wrong. Ever since making my own chicken mix I've come to assess others - does that make me picky?

I still eat them all regardless of the lack of salt, crunchy crusts (if having a crust is even on the cards), minimal mayo, no butter. Let's face it guys, a chicken sandwich is not really diet food, it's for plastering the sides of your stomach for events like the races, hen's days and grand final.

Last year I came across Foxes Den in Elwood and was so excited. They sell fresh chicken sandwiches week out and some even have the added benefit of avocado. I was reading Nicole Trunifo's food blog the other day and she mentioned avo as a garnish. I say avo is an ingredient unto itself.

It was delicious and I'm so glad it's come to the area. The only problem is you have to get in quick on a Saturday to pick up one of the original ones. 

I went to Morris Jones for lunch the other day, of course I sampled the Bloody Mary, but spent most of my time manoeuvring my mouth around their chicken sandwich that didn't really really deliver.

On a side note.. I've had two great experiences at Morris Jones but a few Friday nights ago when I took a bunch of girls to your establishment you kind of let me down. Your waiter was a charmer, the Chablis was delicious but your cocktails and food left a little to be desired.

I really like you, we could have a great relationship but only when you're slow - once when you first opened (I almost fist pumped the air in true Jersey Shore style when my boyfriend enjoyed his 30th birthday meal with you) and the next on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

You are fantastic with your pretty setting, wonderful location, handsomely dressed and well informed waiters. Your duck makes me quack in a very sand manner though. Your salads on the other hand are quite absolutely thrilling.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

buenas noches senor bbq

Step 1. Put on something flowy, preferably something machine washable, trust me.

Step 2. Walk a few hundred metres to Pure Pop Records and head through the store to the intimate bar/restaurant/live music venue in the back.

Step 3. Order a jug of beer (any beer will do as long as it is cold) and listen to Roscoe James Irwin's set. Watch the sun slowly set and ask yourself the question "What is your favourite The Doors song?" Then answer. My answer is Alabama Song / Whisky Bar.

Step 4. Order dinner from Senor BBQ and feast upon Argentinian barbequed ribs soaked in chimichurri as you try to look as elegant as possible.

Step 5. Realise this is impossible to do wearing silk, sitting on a beer barrel with sauce dripping off your chin and gorge on the tasty meat instead.

Step 6. Amble home with happy belly and full heart knowing that you are right in thinking Buenos Aires is the city for you.

Yields: One fantastic Summer evening in St Kilda. Link