Sunday, January 30, 2011

breakfast for dinner

It’s not much of a secret that I love eggs with their heads cut off and soldier toast. This new contraption makes a simple soft boiled egg much more exciting.

How long do leave your eggs boiling for? I leave them in there for about 5 minutes and then rush to put them under cold water. I hate an overcooked yolk. This is my trick for softening butter, Supersoft my arse.

You can shake salt and pepper out of the chicks eyes. I love breakfast for dinner on a Sunday. Is it popular in a lot of families to have eggs on toast on a Sunday night?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

clog it up

I’m so neglectful but it’s been too nice lazing on my couch in the sunshine and walking along the seaside at night to be at my desk. And to be quite honest I’ve been smashing it quite a bit with the opening of Newmarket around the corner from my house. Such good food and drinks and all within easy walking distance from my house. Melbourne Gastronome did a really great review, you can read it here.

Yesterday I had the honour of taking one of my best friends, MBop, shopping for her engagement party dress and picked myself up a few little goodies along the way.

I finally jumped aboard the clog train and bought myself some clogs. I’m not sure what took me so long. I can walk forever in these beauties. Yodel ey he hoo!

(Gorman clogs, Sportsgirl shirt, Ksubi shorts, amethyst ring from my dad)

The only problem with these clogs is that they hide my new nail polish – Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous.

Below are my favourite colours at the moment, from left to right A Grape Fit!, Russian Navy, Black Onyx and now Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous.

I'm having people over for dinner this week and I'd like to make the most of the cherries still available at the markets. I want to cook this Kylie Kwong recipe “Luscious bacon braised with red wine and fresh cherries”. I’m just not sure what kind of sides to put with it. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sunset sounds

I set off to Sunset Sounds surrounded by my favourite people, dry and with a hope in my heart that Matt Berninger (singer of The National) would spot me in the crowd and instantly fall in love with me.

Look how clean, shiny and happy I am.

I ended the day soaking wet, wondering if I was drinking more rain water than beer and disappointed I was caught in the toilets listening to my favourite Interpol song, Obstacle 1.

The following day I was a little more prepared – I had a poncho and was ready to get dirty. I’ve been to Meredith, I was PREPARED. I walked away from the day knowing I’ll never be able to wear tights and a bikini like Joan Jett.


And that I probably should have seen the Klaxons instead of Ballarat’s own Yacht Club DJs however much I like their mash ups.

p.s. Did you know that leather runs and ruins silk?

stunted timber

My mother’s family is from a country town in the north west of Victoria called Patchewollock – this translates to Stunted Timber in English. We visited each year – hung out watching the shearers, played in the dams with countless cousins, ate lamb roast that my Pa had butchered himself and gorged on Nana’s baking. This is the colour of the dirt.

My grandparents are no longer with us but their house still remains. The house is falling down but it’s alive with memories.

I learnt to drive on the little red jeep in the stubble paddock when I was 13.

Many people find this part of Australia ugly but I love the gnarled Malle roots and scrub. You'll also find cacti and roses you’ll find in every self respecting garden.

Here’s the view arriving back into town from the farm.

There’s a little store with petrol pump and a pub. The pub was recently done up and serves food once again.

We scoffed (really, the only word) down on burgers with the lot and a few pots of Draught after the 6 hour road trip. There's a family rule that you can't leave the pub until the sun has set because it's too dangerous. So maybe more than a few pots were had...

Monday, January 17, 2011


I've been a little uninspired lately. So I'm going to start a fresh and post one of my favourite pictures from the holiday season. My dog Sparticus and I sporting the same print.

(sass&bide skirt, Sparty's own fur)