Tuesday, April 12, 2011

in rainbows

I’ve had my eye on this Romance Was Born print since it came out. It’s like a bunch of orchids on acid.

This is the top... but because I'm rather on the short side it works as a shift dress.

(Romance Was Born dress, Shakuhachi shoes, White Suede jacket)

Another multicoloured dream is this Monster grilled chicken and salad sandwich from Galleon. It's just another reason (other than the Bloody Mary selection) to love the place.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

zuppa and socks

While the days are kind of hot the nights have been chilly. I love the cold. As I’ve mentioned before my peak performance temperatures are quite low. When it gets cold there’s nothing I like more than rugging up with a hot bowl of soup and some cosy socks.

This cannellini bean and chorizo soup is hot AND spicy. You know how a lot of soups get better with age? This one doesn’t, so all the better to warm your tummy. I got the recipe here.

Simply served with buttery toast and some grated cheese. It’s a hearty winter lunch or dinner.

(Odd Molly socks)

The Swedes know how to make great socks.

These are my favourites. Partly for the frill and party for when I first had them they smelt of freshly laundered clothes and flowers. I'm looking forward to more soup and sock weather.