Friday, February 3, 2012

when chicken sandwiches attack

Stack one piece of bread on top of the other with chicken mix in the middle and you should get a good chicken sammich? Wrong. Ever since making my own chicken mix I've come to assess others - does that make me picky?

I still eat them all regardless of the lack of salt, crunchy crusts (if having a crust is even on the cards), minimal mayo, no butter. Let's face it guys, a chicken sandwich is not really diet food, it's for plastering the sides of your stomach for events like the races, hen's days and grand final.

Last year I came across Foxes Den in Elwood and was so excited. They sell fresh chicken sandwiches week out and some even have the added benefit of avocado. I was reading Nicole Trunifo's food blog the other day and she mentioned avo as a garnish. I say avo is an ingredient unto itself.

It was delicious and I'm so glad it's come to the area. The only problem is you have to get in quick on a Saturday to pick up one of the original ones. 

I went to Morris Jones for lunch the other day, of course I sampled the Bloody Mary, but spent most of my time manoeuvring my mouth around their chicken sandwich that didn't really really deliver.

On a side note.. I've had two great experiences at Morris Jones but a few Friday nights ago when I took a bunch of girls to your establishment you kind of let me down. Your waiter was a charmer, the Chablis was delicious but your cocktails and food left a little to be desired.

I really like you, we could have a great relationship but only when you're slow - once when you first opened (I almost fist pumped the air in true Jersey Shore style when my boyfriend enjoyed his 30th birthday meal with you) and the next on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

You are fantastic with your pretty setting, wonderful location, handsomely dressed and well informed waiters. Your duck makes me quack in a very sand manner though. Your salads on the other hand are quite absolutely thrilling.


  1. This place looks fabulous! I will have to check it out.


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