Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

not a bag lady

I’m not a bag person, I’m not a shoe person either really. I have a few favourites and use them forever. The only other bags I ever use are enviro bags for the shopping.

I only like messenger style bags. This is because I am very capable of losing them and so the messenger became my saviour as I didn’t have to hold onto it anymore, it held on to me. This bag was bought at Witchery many years ago but never really used until the last few years.

The strap wasn’t long enough so I attached my grandma 80's gold and black leather chain belt to lengthen it. I’ve used it pretty much every day since! It fits perfectly across the body and can hold everything you’ll ever need, even the chunkiest heels at the end of the night. It’s also black so it goes with practically everything.

My next bag was bought in Bali at the Magali Pascal boutique. It’s smaller and can be used as a clutch. It’s my dressy bag.

It also combines two loves – studs and fringing.

My next bag is for when a black bag just won’t work. It’s also great for travelling. I picked it up from a store on Brunswick St for $30 and it’s the best vintage find I’ve ever, er, found. We call it my Pony.

Lastly, this is what usually goes in my bag, give or take a few bobby pins and receipts. Oh and my camera but that couldn’t be in the picture now could it.

Stella Perfume, Emily & Leo purse, Keys, Lists, Blistex, iphone, sunnies and loose change because I get lazy and just chuck money into my bag and not the purse and then get angry when a $20 note flies out because I’m also so lazy that often I don’t zip up the bag either.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

answering the hard questions

Today I found myself asking myself the hard questions... and then answering them.

Do I go with with Target runners or the vintage leather Jazz shoes? Luckily the puddles outside helped me decide. Obviously I went with the rubber soled, canvas shoes but funny thing is my feet got absolutely drenched. Squelch, squelch, squelch around the supermarket.

This is what I had for dinner. It's just a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing, bolognaise. The pasta came all the way from Florence in my suitcase.

And my flowering Jasmine. I'm not sure if it is Star or Night Scented or if they are just the same things. It smells pretty.

Monday, December 6, 2010

summer nights

The beauty of living in St Kilda, Summer and Daylight Savings is picking up a couple of drinks and heading down to the beach to watch the dogs frolic and sun set. It's the perfect date.

Last Summer we drank nothing but cider, I think I'm a bit over it this time round. I've decided Rose will be Summer drink of choice. It's perfect morning through to night.

I wore my new Alice McCall blouse with Ksubi cut offs, Target tennis shoes, Karen Walker sunnies and the usual jewellery.

Below is what I wore to Cicciolina's the other night. We remarked that part of the blouse was almost the same colour as our entree, the tuna carpaccio. I love the tuna, it would be the perfect main. My actual main of duck ragout was really disappointing. Actually, the whole specials board was really heavy for this time of year.

(Alice McCall blouse, Otto skirt from Fat, Tristan Blair shoes)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

o christmas tree

I come from a family which is half Jewish and half Anglican which makes us 100% non religious. We do like holidays though and any excuse to drink champagne before 11am and give presents is fine by us. Christmas lunch with turkey and all the trimmings (so long as it’s my mother making it all) is my favourite meal of the year. One year we were made to have a Seafood Christmas, it was a disaster, and it will NEVER happen again.

(Christmas 2008)

Each year my sister and I would have a massive fight over who got to decorate the tree. I hate tinsel with a passion, she likes it. I always won Battle No Tinsel. This year I got to decorate my own home for the first time. I bought my Christmas tree from this lovely man at the Flower Store on (almost) the corner of St Kilda Rd and Carlisle Street. I made Chris come with me and I sang “O, CHRIStmas tree, O CHRIStmas tree” the whole way there and back. I’m told the blue tinged trees are really special.

I also had to start my decoration collection from scratch. This bird is my favourite but these ornaments don’t compare to the ones at home on the Gold Coast, I miss the glittler strawberries and wooden Santa’s with one arm – the ornaments of my childhood.

This bell is also very pretty I think. It reminds me of the bangles you buy in Vietnam.

Ta da! The finished product. Well, not quite... it's missing a star on top.

Everything else has been Christmasfied too. Even Evil Jezebel is in the Christmas Spirit.

I even bought myself a Reindeer. I think he's dashing.

And some Camilla and Marc silver padded leggings. They’re ridiculous and really only work when I’m wrapping presents and have the air-con on.

I love wrapping presents but I despise writing on cards so these gift tags from Hunting for George are perfecto.