Wednesday, April 18, 2012

this love affair

I've been having a love affair recently. It's with my neighbourhood. Maybe it's something about living in the same place for 3 years or perhaps St Kilda is a little warmer than my old hood South Yarra.

Maybe I'm just getting old but I love walking to Galleon and knowing that I'm going to get great service combined with a delicious breakfast and bloody mary. I have my Big Issue man who I've seen spend my money on fruit and veg. My bottle store know I like Chardonnay, my flower dude gives me a discount and recently there's been a cute little addition to Barkly St called Cabinette. It's full of vintage glassware and all kinds of wonderfuls.

I bought these gorgeous mugs from there on Saturday and as I'm not a tea drinker I thought they'd make great pots for these mini succulents.

I'm also getting itchy feet. I think that's something to do with the majority of my friends and Twitter feed being Coachella related. My friend were recently living it up along Abbott Kinney and I was so jealous that my I swear my fingers turned green with envy. I experienced a revelation in a place called Abbott's Habit in the form of an iced, chai, soy drink with vanilla powder and a shot of espresso. I think it's called the All Nighter and really I could drink this all day-er.

This will be the first year that I don't travel overseas in a long time. Building a business is tough work and I'm biding my time for a wedding in Bangladesh and a quick trip to India in 2013. I can't wait to get me some paneer paratha.


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  2. I didn't know you were building a business! And congrats on your very recent engagement! :D

  3. Thanks for the food tips! Will definitely have to give them a try!

    xx Sharday

  4. P.S. Just a heads up, I have changed my blog platform so you can't follow me via Google Friend Connect anymore. You can on Bloglovin and if you do I'll love you forever!

    xx Sharday

  5. I love the little mug succulents. :)


  6. What a great idea for mugs! I have so many in the cupboard that we just don't use! :D