Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Morris Jones Bloody Mary

My boyfriend and I walked into The Smith on Sunday ready to have a feast for a friend's 30th only to realise we had arrived approximately 1 week early. As The Smith only offers very limited sunshine we headed back to the Morris Jones courtyard out the back which is inviting and ever so pretty.

I downed a couple of glasses of bubbles with my chicken sandwich (will post on this later) and then for good measure ordered a Bloody Mary.

Not for the unseasoned BM drinker as it packs a wholloping chilli punch to the back of the throat, however, as I made my way down the drink the tomato (and there was some of the real stuff in here, like for real real off the vine or perhaps a can?) soothed the throat. The chilli had cleared the nose before that so it was like the Vicks Vapour drop of Bloody Marys.

In terms of wonderfulness, it was good but not great. I'd order it again though.

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