Monday, August 30, 2010

piss off spring

I was so happy to wake up and realise that Spring was not here and that it was definitely still winter this morniing. My optimum performance temperature range is between 12 – 20 degrees. I really am opposed to anything above tights and blazer weather. As my friend Jess once said, “Summer is for dorks!" Here I am with my new Tristan Blair shoes enjoying the chilly weather.

I’m also happy because I recently bought myself some new Fleur Wood trackies. I still really like this look from Isabel Marant that I saw on Garance Dore. Winter will need to stick around a little longer so I can try it out.

On the weekend I bought a blackboard to help keep things in check.

I’ve added eyelashes, shopping list and some of my favourite lyrics from The National “I was afraid I'd eat your brains, ‘Cause I’m evil.” The National are in my top 5 albums of this year.

P.S. I had a superior bloody mary from Yellow Bird on Chapel St on Sunday. Sunday bloody mary Sunday.

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